African lifestyle is full of customs which will make weddings specific and legitimate to the people who practice them. It might be hard to generalize about the many different methods in which couples celebrate their absolutely adore and dedication, but there are several essentials that are often times and customarily seen at Photography equipment traditional marriage ceremonies.

Pitch Letters

In certain cultures, the groom might write a pitch letter to his future wife and her family. This page lays out his intentions to marry her and particulars if he will discuss with the women’s family. In some instances, the notification also shapes a price selection for a dowry.

Kola Nuts

A kola nut is an important component to wedding customs in Gambia, Nigeria and other West Africa regions. It is a sign of friendship and a touch of goodwill into the potential bride’s family. The kola nut is usually harmed after the wedding, shared by along with elders which is considered synonymous with love and unity.

Money to the Bride

In West Africa, a popular traditions is for friends and family and friends to spray cash on the bride-to-be during the dance portion of the marriage ceremony. This is done to demonstrate that they are happy for the couple and symbolize a prosperous future for them.

Respecting Elders

In a number of West African countries, libations happen to be performed to be able to honor the spirits with their ancestors. This may be a incredibly emotional and moving section of the wedding, but is a crucial ritual that may likewise help the fresh couple to start off on the correct foot.


In several African locations, the exchange of rings is an essential element of a wedding. They are traditionally a sign of commitment and tend to be often elaborately embellished with adinkra or ankh wedding venue exterior signs, as well as Yoruban knots.

Cloth With regards to Friends

In certain African countries, a cloth is certainly worn by friends to exhibit their nearness. This can be commonly used in formal occurrences like funerals, marriage ceremonies and omen events. The pad is usually white colored or blue in color, but can be made out of any textile the friends and family choose.

This is ways to show the support and respect intended for the bride and groom, and also to give them an opportunity to interact socially. It can be a lot of fun for all included, especially for the bride and groom to check out how their friends and relatives react.

Tasting the Four Elements

The Yoruba culture has got a tradition called “Tasting the Four Elements” that requires the bride and groom tasting cayenne pepper, lemon, honies and vinegar to symbolize how they can deal with matrimony over the years. That is an important routine that educates the bride and groom about every other’s strong points, disadvantages and nature.

Using the Families In concert

In many African societies, it is crucial to get the groups of the bride and groom together before the genuine marriage takes place. This is a practice that dates back towards the traditional Yoruba religion, and it is an opportunity for the two families to discover each other ahead of their special day.

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